Join the Southeastern Credit Union Foundation on April 30 at 3 p.m. ET for a free webinar on financial education resources & reporting!

Do you have a goal of enhancing your financial education plan? Is your credit union out in the schools, youth agencies, and communities spreading financial education? Do you hold financial workshops or reality fairs that involve kids and/or young adults (through age 22)? Do you coach kids for the Financial Fitness Tournament? We want to make sure that our Florida and Alabama credit unions are aware of the free resources that are available to them and are represented at the upcoming National Youth Involvement Board conference.

Register for our upcoming webinar by clicking here.  We will talk about how to increase your financial literacy reach without reaching far into your credit union wallet and will also be joined by the National Youth Involvement Board Southeast Regional Coordinator to go over reporting your efforts.

What types of presentations qualify?

Any presentation that promotes financial literacy or the credit union movement qualifies. Qualifying presentations can be conducted on these and other consumer and financial topics:

  • Budgeting Careers & Income
  • Checking & Money Management
  • Credit
  • CUs vs Banks
  • Risk Management
  • Saving & Investments
  • Reality Fairs

Why Report?

Aside from showing what our credit unions are doing, collectively as well as individually, the numbers may be used when lobbying for financial education mandates as well as for exemplifying the credit union difference and another important reason that we should retain our tax exempt status. YOUR NUMBERS MAKE A DIFFERENCE!

Contact Juli Lewis, director of the Southeastern Credit Union Foundation if you have questions.