The World Council’s Young Professional Exchange Program is planned for May 19-25, offering professional development for Young Professionals in Curitiba, Brazil, and connecting with young leaders from financial cooperatives throughout the Americas.

This international exchange will highlight the SICREDI credit union system in Brazil. SICREDI has strengthened credit unions with a compelling structure that improves efficiencies through shared services and enhances transparency in governance through democratic participation.

The program begins with SICREDI’s second annual Youth Summit, a unique forum that will bring together several hundred young professionals from Brazil and throughout the Americas to explore strategies for addressing the shared challenges facing financial cooperatives. Participants will learn how SICREDI’s powerful model for collaboration has expanded financial services and contributed to one of the fastest growing credit union movements in the world. Summit sessions will provide a deep dive into the topics of diversity and inclusion, highlighting examples from participants of impactful initiatives in their credit unions and communities.

Following the Youth Summit, the international delegation will visit SICREDI credit unions and see how the day-to-day operations there compare with their reality back home. This exchange connects participants with their counterparts in similar roles and provides a fascinating look at how credit unions service their members in Brazil. Participants will be exposed to new perspectives on governance, product development, marketing, social responsibility and more. For additional details, click here.