In a world rapidly transitioning to more and more forms of communication, digital platforms and emerging technology solutions are meant to connect members to credit unions — not build barriers.

When communicating with your members digitally, it is important to be concise and direct. Similar to interpersonal relationships, you do not want to come across as overwhelming or, to be frank, annoying. No one wants to be overloaded with information, no matter its relevancy, or contacted so frequently it borders on harassment. Just like walking a tightrope, it is all about achieving balance.

Share helpful tips and tricks, company announcements and snippets of your credit union’s culture and workforce through your social media accounts and your credit union’s blog. Build trust with your audience by sharing economic trends and other relevant data that can help your members make better financial decisions.

Include tools like a monthly loan or mortgage payment calculator on your website to give members a clearer picture of their finances and where to allocate them. Use webinars to connect on a deeper level through hosting helpful seminars and informational sessions on your credit union’s products and services. By providing members with the tools they need to succeed in a highly accessible space, their appreciation for you as a financial partner will inevitably grow. Read more at CU Times.