This week, the House of Representatives and the Senate will be in session. The House will consider a number of tax-related bills that passed out of the Ways and Means Committee last week. These bipartisan and unanimously approved bills aim to combat identity theft, repair shortcomings at the IRS, and protect taxpayers.

Several of these bills would affect the operations of credit unions and other financial institutions. It is likely that many or all of these bills will easily pass the House and Senate and be enacted into law. These bills include H.R. 5192, the Protecting Children from Identity Theft Act; H.R. 5444, the Taxpayer First Act; H.R. 5445, the 21st Century IRS Act; and H.R. 5443, a bill to amend the Internal Revenue Code of 1986 to require electronic filing of the annual returns of exempt organizations and provide for making such returns available for public inspection.

The Senate is expected to consider a number of executive and judicial nominations as well as S.140, the Tribal Labor Sovereignty Act.

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