Whether you want to grow the credit union’s loan portfolio or you’re looking for sources of liquidity, Vining Sparks’ Loan Trading Group can assist you through the process. By leveraging its 4,500 institutional accounts, Vining Sparks can help meet your goals by making loan portfolio management as efficient as bond portfolio management.

If your institution needs liquidity, loan sales might be a great fit for you. Loan sales:

  • Generate gain-on-sale on high credit quality loans
  • Manage interest rate risk by reducing exposure where appropriate
  • Manage credit risk through strategic sales
  • Improve capital ratios by shrinking the balance sheet

If you have low loan demand and excess liquidity, loan acquisitions provide:

  • Higher returns than organically originated loans, in many cases
  • Faster and more efficient method to grow loan portfolio
  • 100 percent due diligence prior to funding any purchases

Vining Sparks brings more than 30 years of experience in capital markets, including the sale and securitization in excess of $25 billion in loans. Vining Sparks offers:

  • Market intelligence on current trading activity in a wide variety of loan types
  • Structuring, negotiating and placing pools of loans
  • Loan portfolio analysis – by loan type or for entire portfolios
  • Portfolio management strategies that meet your objectives

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