Vining Sparks will present a webinar on Sept. 19 exclusively for credit unions.  This is the fourth in the 2019 webinar series. It will be presented by Kevin Smith, CFA, director of investment product strategies for Vining Sparks. He focuses on providing timely capital market solutions and delivering valuable tools and services to internal and external stakeholders.

Agency backed mortgage securities, both residential and commercial, play an important role in depository portfolios. Many terms and structures are available providing opportunities to complement various balance sheet exposures. It is important to remember, compared to structures like bullets and callables, mortgage securities require special consideration, and analysis from investors. With these points in mind, this webinar will cover current market trends, actual and projected prepayments, spread analysis, and relative value.

What you’ll learn:

  • Current market trends and how they affect your portfolio.
  • The importance of solid prepayment assumptions, especially now.
  • Negative convexity, is it really all that bad?
  • Where we see relative value in the mortgage market.
  • Resources available to help you manage current and prospective positions.

The webinar will last approximately one hour. Register here.