Vining Sparks will host a 2019 economic outlook webinar on Jan. 10 at 10 a.m. CT. The speaker is Craig Dismuke, executive vice president and chief economist for Vining Sparks.

The U.S. economy roared in 2018 as a perfect storm of tailwinds converged to yield an unprecedented acceleration in economic growth.  Yields rose as the ever-tighter labor market and near-target inflation allowed the Fed to continue gradually tightening monetary policy.  However, cracks began to emerge in the markets as overnight rates approached neutral, global growth decelerated, and trade fears gripped investors.  Turning to 2019, the economy remains on solid footing, but risks to stability are growing.  The sustainability of the second-longest expansion on record is likely to be dependent on inflation.

In the 2019 outlook webinar, Dismuke will look back at 2018. He will detail the growing risks to stability and will highlight the critical role inflation will play. Click here to register.