Vining Sparks is planning a free webinar, “3Q Economic Outlook Webinar – The Implications of a Flattening Yield Curve,” on July 12 at 10 a.m. CT.

After the 2Q data have shown a resurgent consumer and an ever-tightening labor market, the potential for above three percent growth in the near-term appears increasingly likely. Despite this, wage growth continues to remain sluggish, although there has been modest improvement in the first half of the year. With this as the backdrop, the Fed has continued its steady path of gradual rate hikes causing the yield curve to flatten further.

In the 3Q Economic Outlook,  Craig Dismuke, chief economist for Vining Sparks, will look briefly at the economic developments and the Fed’s monetary policy response, and dig more deeply into the implications of a flattening yield curve. To register, click here.