data privacyOne of the most well known underground websites to sell stolen debit and credit card information is seeing unprecedented activity. The Krebs on Security website writes that the flood of activity at a well known website is “Faced with a buyer’s market, these elite shops set themselves apart by focusing on loyalty programs, frequent-buyer discounts, money-back guarantees and just plain old good customer service.”

The “Joker’s Stash” website is one of the more well known sites that has been active for 18 months. The website sells bulk stolen information and touts that “All customers are buying card data that will be turned into counterfeit cards and used to fraudulently purchase gift cards, electronics and other goods at big-box retailers like Target and Wal-Mart.” The website also claims that all information it sells, it also hacks. It does not buy any stolen data from outside sources.

All of the monetary transactions on the website are done with Bitcoin. For credit unions that would like to better understand how compromised information is sold underground, this article is a must read.

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