Gov. Rick Scott has issued Executive Order 16-205 declaring a state of emergency in 42 counties within the state of Florida in preparation for Tropical Storm Hermine. With the storm expected to make landfall soon, here is a list of 10 things to do at your credit union to be fully prepared:

  1. Make sure your credit union has emergency supplies and that employees are prepared.
  2. “Cash is king” during disasters. Consider increasing your cash order/fully stock ATMs.
  3. Raise computers and networking equipment above ground level in case flooding occurs.
  4. Secure items outside the credit union that could become missiles during the storm.
  5. Make sure your roof and gutters are free of debris.
  6. Park your cars in safe areas away from trees that could fall.
  7. Make sure list of emergency contact numbers is current – staff numbers, data processing vendor, IT support, credit unions with reciprocal processing agreements, etc.
  8. Place plastic over equipment – garbage bag & packing tape can prevent water damage. Unplug equipment.
  9. If you have a generator, test it to ensure it is working properly and that your fuel is topped off.
  10. Ensure backup systems are working. Take at least one copy of server’s data offsite before storm. Ensure access to media required to re-install core data processing apps.
In addition to being physically prepared, we have in place the best way to help each other when dealing with crisis. With the recent flooding in Louisiana and threatening weather in Florida, we see how difficult natural disasters can be on our credit unions, their employees and their members.
One of the key priorities of the Southeastern Credit Union Foundation is disaster relief and recovery.  In order to provide assistance for your credit union family, simply begin by setting up a fundraiser specifically for the Foundation. Next, choose to give your “Fair Share”,which is a payment equal to just $.05 per member and set up a Charitable Donation Account.