This week, Speaker Ryan made assurances that the House will take up S. 2155, the Economic Growth, Regulatory Relief and Consumer Protection Act.

Now is the time to contact your member of Congress and asked them to vote YES on S. 2155

By contacting your representative today, your action can help get this bill through the House and on the President’s desk. S. 2155 passed the Senate in March with strong, bipartisan support which we have not seen in years.

The benefits of passing this bipartisan, common-sense legislation is a no-brainer for credit unions: it will protect seniors from elder financial abuse, make mortgage processing easier and quicker, increase affordable rental housing in our communities, and help credit unions provide better service to their members.

Please forward this email to your staff and board members so they’re engaged on this crucial vote. It’s time for Congress to fight for the 110 million Americans who depend on credit unions.

Tell your Representative to vote YES on S. 2155.