In a survey by Four Seasons Financial Education, it’s clear that employees are concerned about their financial well-being. When asked in the national online survey if they thought financial wellness should be part of an overall wellness program, 78 percent believed it should be with only 21 percent saying no. The survey indicates financial stress is weighing on workers today.

On a scale from one to 10, with one being the lowest level of stress and 10 being the highest level of stress, more than 31 percent of employees surveyed said their level of financial stress was a 10, while an additional eight percent rated their financial stress level as a seven.

The survey also found 30 percent of employees said their most important financial goal was to learn how to budget and deal with debt. And an additional 19 percent said their most important financial goal was to get a financial plan. Almost 40 percent said retirement was a priority financial goal, and 30 percent found retirement plans difficult to understand

More than 70 percent of employees said they would welcome the personalized and confidential guidance from an independent financial planner if their company paid for it. Read the full article at CU Times.