When The Financial Brand asked financial institutions about the Top 10 Strategic Priorities for 2018, the Top 3 remained the same as 2017: removing friction from the customer journey, expanding use of data and advanced analytics, and improving multichannel delivery. The latter category translates into less time spent with members, making the contact credit unions do have even more critical.

According to the report, “banks and credit unions will see less than half their customers face to face in 2018. Instead, an increasingly digital customer base will use self-service touchpoints as a first point of contact, only reaching out to contact-center agents or branches for the most complex engagements. This movement of transactional interactions to digital channels will mean that branch and contact-center interactions are more important than ever in building human relationships with customers.”

Highly trained personnel will be a key to making member interaction the most positive experience possible. Read the full article here.