Alabama braced Monday for storms rolling across the state with strong winds and tornado warnings in many areas. Just before evening, possible tornadoes struck Jacksonville and Calhoun County, resulting in damage to homes and buildings and power outages for numerous homes and businesses. Shortly after closing Monday night, the Russellville, AL, branch of Alabama Central Credit Union was hit by the storm, ripping away the drive thru roof and damaging the credit union’s sign, ATM and parts of the building. Read more.

“We were able to open the lobby this morning and should be able to get one lane of our drive thru open soon,” said Brad Haddock, president/CEO of Alabama Central CU. “The employees, members, and neighbors have all pitched in to help us take care of things last night after the damage and then to get where we can operate today.  We are fortunate that the tornado came through after hours when no one was in the branch.  We are also fortunate to have a branch in a community like Russellville where they are so willing to help out their neighbors when needed.”

The League’s disaster response team and the director of the Southeastern Credit Union Foundation are working together to meet needs of credit unions and credit union employees in Alabama as we learn of them.

According to Juli Lewis, director of the SECUF, “In times of natural disasters, concern for our credit unions and the communities they serve is a top priority. In an effort to meet the needs of our credit unions in times of disaster, the SECUF has a Disaster Relief Fund that is available to assist our credit unions, employees, volunteers and the communities that have been impacted. Grants are available to fund emergency needs, as well as long-term and ongoing needs.”

Lewis said the SECUF has already received notice from several credit unions that have experienced damage and anticipates that more damage reports, from both credit unions and credit union staff will be surfacing.

“While just recovering from Hurricane Irma, we would like to remind everyone that the Southeastern Credit Union Foundation is here in your time of need,” she said. “If you, as a credit union employee or volunteer, have sustained damage to your home due to the current storms, you may be eligible to receive a disaster relief grant. Please click here to learn more about the resources available and about the application process. Contact with any questions you may have.