It’s been rumored for more than a week, but now it is official, the House Financial Services Committee will begin looking at H.R. 2769, the Risk Based Capital Study Act of 2015. The markup session will take place on Wednesday Sept. 30. The stop and study act, as it’s known, is one of five bills to be considered by the full committee.

Rep. Bill Posey (R-FL) is one of three original co-sponsors of the bill. There are currently 12 co-sponsors with half of them coming from Alabama and Florida. Joining Rep. Posey on the bill are Reps. Brooks (R-AL), Byrne (R-AL), Murphy (D-FL), Roby (R-AL), and Ross (R-FL).

The bill would direct the NCUA to study the appropriate capital requirements for federal credit unions and state credit unions. The NCUA may not issue or implement any final rule or regulation governing RBC any earlier than 120 days after it reports to Congress on the study.