As we all watch the events unfold in Texas and now Louisiana, we are reminded of the many recent natural disasters we have incurred in both Alabama and Florida. Further, we are reminded that when these events occur, credit unions have always banded together to help one another out in their times of need.

When tornadoes struck Alabama, credit unions from around the country helped with donations. When hurricanes struck Florida, credit unions were there. Now, our friends in Texas need our help.  The Southeastern Credit Union Foundation has committed $5,000 to CUAid, which goes to affected CU employees, and another $5,000 to American Red Cross, for a total contribution of $10,000.

We are proud to be an organization that operates under the philosophy of “People Helping People” and encourage all credit unions that can contribute to this cause to do so.

We would also like to recognize the Southeastern Credit Union Management Association (SCUMA) and the many credit unions and chapters around Alabama and Florida who have already pledged to support people of Texas and Louisiana.

To donate online to CUAid, click here. To donate online to the American Red Cross, click here. You can select specifically to give to Hurricane Harvey relief.