Rep. Jeff MillerCredit unions are losing a supporter in the U.S. House. Rep. Jeff Miller (R-FL) announced on Thursday that he will not seek re-election. He will serve out the rest of his term through December of this year. In a statement, he thanked his first district for electing him and listed some of his accomplishments including getting two VA clinics in the Pensacola area.

He also stated that many smaller things were accomplished, “Things like cutting through red tape to help a widow, assisting a veteran with a disability benefits compensation claim or mediating a bureaucratic dispute for a constituent rarely make front-page news. But they are important responsibilities every member of Congress has a duty to fulfill.”

Last year, Rep. Miller introduced legislation to allow member business loans (MBLs) to veterans not count against credit unions’ MBL cap. He also co-sponsored many pieces of credit union legislation and also signed “Dear Colleague” letters including this week’s one to the CFPB. In 2015, Rep. Miller was the LSCU Federal Lawmaker of the Year from Florida.

“Credit unions in Florida, as well as Alabama, thank Rep. Miller for working with credit unions during his terms,” said LSCU & Affiliates President/CEO Patrick La Pine. “He recognized a need to get lending to veterans and knew credit unions could fill that gap. He also understood that the regulatory burden on credit unions is causing them to take focus away from their members.”

Rep. Miller concluded his statement by showing faith in his district’s ability to find the next representative,”When it comes time to elect a new U.S. Representative for the First District, I have every confidence that Northwest Floridians will choose someone who embodies the integrity, optimism, and values of the people of our great community.”