Some of the largest corporations with the best access to security have been hacked and breaches are in the news almost every week. LEVERAGE, an affiliate of the League of Southeastern Credit Unions has cyber security solutions tailored for credit union needs, including monitoring, audit, and compliance services.

LEVERAGE is introducing two new products specifically designed to set high security standards for credit unions and prevent data breaches. Through careful curation of the best solutions available in the marketplace for credit unions, LEVERAGE has partnered with these two organizations to offer powerful deterrents to the epidemic of data breaches.

CU Assured, a managed security service, monitors the entire credit union’s IT environment to detect intrusions, threats, and vulnerabilities on a dashboard providing detailed reporting, information, analysis tools, and alarms. CU Assured employs a sensitive monitoring system to assist credit union IT staff with both Federated and Multitenant options and reduce operational costs while improving IT staff efficiency. The system detects intrusions quickly and offers a cyber security support team to respond in real time effectively nullifying threats.

LEVERAGE also has teamed with PIVOT Group to focus on effective solutions for auditing, assessments, and compliance services. PIVOT Group has a 17-year history of providing cyber security solutions to protect data and systems and comply with Information Security and Data Privacy regulations. The international consultant practice delivers the complete life cycle of security services that meet the business, resource, and regulatory requirements.

With an estimated 1.4 billion records exposed in 686 breaches reported in the first quarter of this year, LEVERAGE is offering credit unions two innovative solutions to protect members’ security and to stop the spread of cybercrime. Contact LEVERAGE today at

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