The U.S. presidential election is on the horizon, and cooperatives have concerns about what the future holds for their members.  In response to these concerns, CUNA has launched a campaign that stresses the role of credit unions in empowering the country’s middle class. The online platform,, encourages people to sign a petition to call on the two presidential candidates to include credit unions in their plans for strengthening the economy.

The campaign is based on the results of a recent CUNA survey, which showed that 54 percent of respondents believed credit unions were the best place for middle-class consumers to deposit their money.

“We want to ensure that the candidates often hear about credit unions and the benefits we provide to middle and lower income individuals as they formulate their positions on economic policy. With a strong League/CUNA push on this campaign, we’re hoping to generate a lot of discussion on social media about credit unions and the middle class,” Richard Gose, CUNA’s chief political officer commented. Read more on the projected impact for credit unions at Credit Union Times.