Florida CFO Jimmy Patronis recently sent a “Prepare Florida” message to the state’s residents as hurricane season officially begins. The list of disaster preparation items begins with an Emergency Financial Preparedness toolkit sharing key items to have on hand in the event of a major storm.

Credit unions hit hard by last year’s Hurricane Michael rallied to help their community members get the cash they needed during prolonged power outages. The valuable insight in this list could help more people in being ready with what they most need in power outages and severe hurricane damage to property.

Financial preparedness tips include:

  • Keep important financial information accessible through an emergency. This toolkit is key! Attach any relevant documents (like statements and receipts) and keep in a waterproof place (like a plastic zip bag or container).
  • Conduct an annual insurance checkup with your insurance agent, prior to hurricane season, to make sure you are adequately covered.
  • Be sure to have cash on hand, as power outages may prevent access to ATMs and limit credit/debit card use. After the storm, financial institutions may limit cash withdrawls.
  • Keep all receipts for temporary living expenses and repairs performed on property.

For more information, including tips on insurance coverage and evacuation, visit the Department of Financial Services Disaster Preparedness website.