In the past, it hasn’t been difficult to identify phishing attacks due to errors in the web pages or obvious discrepancies. These days, cyber criminals are becoming more sophisticated, and it’s difficult to tell what’s authentic. Links are even showing the green lock icon that makes them look secure when they actually are not legitimate sites.

An article in Krebs on Security reports, “According to stats released this week by anti-phishing firm PhishLabs, nearly 25 percent of all phishing sites in the third quarter of this year were hosted on HTTPS domains — almost double the percentage seen in the previous quarter.

“Phishers are moving to HTTPS because it helps increase the likelihood that users will trust that the site is legitimate. After all, your average Internet user has been taught for years to simply ‘look for the lock icon’ in the browser address bar as assurance that a site is safe.” Read the full article here.