The Southeastern Credit Union Foundation is happy to report that, because of generous donations for disaster relief, we have been able to assist 262 credit union employees and volunteers with a little more than  $130,000 in assistance. We also understand that some hurricane victims may have suffered losses that insurance and other assistance were not able to cover and have had to pay a large amount out of their own pockets to recover. Some are still in the recovery process. With that in mind, we are entering “Phase II” of our disaster relief effort.

Phase II Disaster Relief Grants are intended to assist credit union employees and volunteers with significant needs that insurance and other assistance did not cover. Phase II grants are available up to $5,000, but the amounts of the individual grants will be dependent on the total disaster relief funds available.

As a credit union employee or volunteer, if you were impacted by Hurricane Irma, have fully assessed damages and have out of pocket expenses that were not covered by insurance or other assistance that was received, you may apply for a Phase II Disaster Relief Grant. These grants are intended to assist with unfulfilled disaster needs after other resources such as insurance, FEMA, and other sources have been used. Employees and volunteers must submit a new Disaster Relief Grant application which must be signed and dated by the credit union CEO/Manager. Applicants need to provide as much detail as possible in these applications. Insurance claim information and pictures must be included and may be emailed to

Once received, these grant requests will be reviewed and decided by the SECUF Disaster Relief Committee. Notification will be made directly to the employee within two weeks, with copies to the credit union CEO/Manager. If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to Juli Lewis.