What’s the secret to building member engagement?  Providing best-in-class products and services that your members need. What does LEVERAGE Rewards offer that makes it worth a look?

  • Provides a turnkey website with customization to allow for credit union colors and logo.
  • Points can be applied to debit and credit but also retail products such as auto loans, mortgage, bill pay, direct deposit, and other programs to build member loyalty.
  • Allows for “householding” or linking of accounts to enable family members the ability to earn rewards faster.
  • Allows access to a Campaign Manager tool which allows credit unions to create marketing campaigns promoting the rewards program. Campaigns are customizable to encourage overall spend and give bonus points during a set time or on a set product, etc.
  • Credit unions can set redemption/reward options to include travel, merchandise, gift cards, cash back, statement credits, etc., to increase member engagement.

Learn from LEVERAGE Director, Product Management, Rhea Oaks how LEVERAGE Rewards connects members to your credit union in this two-minute video. Drive revenue, enhance member experience, and increase transaction volume at your credit union with this customizable product.