Support and information on state and federal regulations is available in one central hub with the launch of CUNA and league compliance communities. The new communities, an extension of CUNA’s Compliance Community, are designed to provide an online hub for compliance professionals to connect, work together, share resources and become better informed about state-level credit union regulations.

“The community is a great resource for our credit unions.  They are able to network with their compliance peers and get answers to state regulatory and operational questions,” said Julie Kappenman, director of association compliance services, Mountain West Credit Union Association. “It is also a great way to update our credit unions with what is happening in our league and within states. The community is easy to use and CUNA staff has been great to work with and very responsive.”

The MWCUA, along with the Northwest Credit Union Association and Credit Union Association of the Dakotas joined CUNA to release the new CUNA and league Compliance Communities.

The communities provide many resources for compliance professionals, including:

  • Blog: Statewide compliance experts can provide you with knowledge regarding common credit union issues and state level interpretations of regulations;
  • Discussion board: For state level networking & collaboration;
  • Document library: For members and leagues to share policies, best practices and more;
  • Events: The leagues can post their events that members can download directly to their outlook calendars; and
  • Multistate access: Multistate credit unions can take advantage of the communities related to all the states they serve

Access to additional states will grow as more league compliance communities are built over the next few months.

In addition to the CompBlogCUNA’s Compliance Community contains discussion boards and a number of other resources for credit union compliance professionals around the country.