The National Credit Union’s new Office of Credit Union Resources and Expansion will begin operations on Jan. 7 and credit unions can learn about what CURE is offering on an agency webinar scheduled for Wednesday, Jan. 10.

The webinar, “Welcome to CURE,” will begin at 2 p.m. Eastern. Online registration is available here. Participants can use this same link to log into the webinar. Registrants should allow pop-ups from this website. There is no charge.

The webinar will feature CURE Director Martha Ninichuk and Deputy Director JeanMarie Komyathy, discussing the process that created the new office as well as the office’s structure and goals.

Created as part of the NCUA’s agency-wide realignment, the Office of Credit Union Resources and Expansion will combine most of the functions of the former Office of Small Credit Union Initiatives with the field-of-membership and chartering responsibilities of the Office of Consumer Financial Protection and Access. The new office also will assume responsibility for the agency’s Minority Depository Institution Preservation Program.

Registered users can submit questions in advance at The email’s subject line should read, “CURE.” Participants with technical questions about accessing the webinar may email