The National Credit Union Administration will remain open, and individual accounts will remain insured, during the federal government shutdown.

The NCUA is an independent agency of the federal government, and its operating budget comes from fees charged to credit unions and to the National Credit Union Share Insurance Fund. Credit union members’ accounts will continue to be insured by the Share Insurance Fund.

The government shutdown could, however, affect credit unions, particularly those with federal employees in their memberships. As such, the NCUA advises credit unions to plan to respond to members’ questions and meet their financial needs during the shutdown, including:

  • Ensure policies provide flexibility to respond to members’ financial needs.
  • Prepare for service interruptions if the shutdown affects access to credit union offices located on federal property.
  • Prudently work with affected members, including providing advances to individuals receiving direct deposits from the federal government.
  • Develop contingency plans with respect to participation in government programs that may be affected by the federal government shutdown.
  • Communicate response plans to members, staff and volunteers in a timely manner.

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