Donations from National Credit Union Administration staff to the annual Feds Feed Families food drive will provide more than 57,000 meals in the coming year.

“NCUA staff has once again demonstrated generosity and community spirit in giving back to help people in need,” said NCUA Board Chairman Rick Metsger. “As a result of their selfless efforts, thousands of people in the around the country will be able to sit down to meals they might have missed otherwise.”

NCUA employees donated 68,770 pounds of food during the 2016 drive, which included almost 14,000 pounds of fresh food from local farms saved by several NCUA employees in a warehouse gleaning operation.

The annual food drive is part of the agency’s long-standing efforts to be a model corporate citizen. In the last four years, NCUA has collected 337,540 pounds of food through Feds Feed Families. To help visualize how much food that represents, the collections are the equivalent of 85,296 bunches of carrots, 169,280 medium russet potatoes, or 550,160 large eggs.