The National Credit Union Administration Board approved a $160.1 million equity distribution from the National Credit Union Share Insurance Fund that will be paid to eligible credit unions in the second quarter of 2019. Announced on March 7, it is the second largest distribution to credit unions in the history of the Share Insurance Fund.

A financial institution that filed a quarterly Call Report as a federally insured credit union for at least one reporting period in calendar year 2018 will be eligible for a pro rata distribution. The eligibility criteria for credit unions to receive an equity distribution is detailed in a final rule approved by the NCUA Board in February 2018.

Based on the total of insured shares reported in the fourth quarter Call Reports, the equity ratio of the Share Insurance Fund was 1.39 percent at the end of 2018, which is above the board approved normal operating level of 1.38 percent. To reduce the equity ratio to the approved normal operating level, a $160.1 million distribution is required.

“While continuing to advance the objectives of protecting member deposits and maintaining a safe and sound credit union system, we have worked prudently to issue the second largest distribution in the history of the Share Insurance Fund,” NCUA Board Chairman, J. Mark McWatters said. “This action, along with others taken by the NCUA Board, including closing the Stabilization Fund in 2017, kept $1.3 billion at work in credit unions by negating the need for insurance fund premiums and put nearly $900 million back to work in credit unions and their communities with the last two Share Insurance Fund distributions.”

Additional information on the Share Insurance Fund’s equity ratio and normal operating level is available here.