It seems there’s a significant gender divide in how millennials are willing to invest. According to a new survey, the men in that generation are prone to more risk taking by choosing options like Bitcoin, while females are more likely to take a conservative approach.

Differences were highlighted in PNC Investments’ 2018 Millennials & Investing Survey, obtained exclusively by USA TODAY: “The distinct mindsets about money, the survey says, likely date back to the Millennials’ childhoods. When they were kids growing up, the ‘financial upbringing’ boys and girls received from mom and dad had slightly different focuses. Females received a more conservative message, one emphasizing ‘saving’ rather than ‘investing.’

“Nearly seven out of 10 (67 percent) female millennials, for example, said their parents encouraged them to “save” money, versus just 58 percent of males.” Read the full article here.