Update January 15, 2019:
Miami Federal Credit Union was highlighted in an article in USA Today highlighting its efforts toward providing relief to members who are being impacted by the government shutdown. President and CEO “Buster” Castiglia shared the article with the LSCU after his interview and said that this is a “this is also a great “plug” for our credit union industry and how we are helping in this emergency.”

Thank you for the feedback that many of you sent last week to let us know what your credit union is doing to help your members during the partial government shutdown. Our Communications team sent out a press release to the trades, as well as the Alabama and Florida media outlets, letters to our lawmakers at the state and federal level, and Letters to the Editor highlighting the various ways credit unions are meeting member needs during this situation. The Miami Herald published the Letter to the Editor from Patrick.

We have already had more than 50 positive emails and phone calls from our lawmakers thanking us for the update and for relief that credit unions are providing. We will continue to update our website and push this message out, so please continue to forward any additional information or member testimonies on how your credit union is offering financial relief and meeting needs.

Summaries may be sent to submissions@lscu.coop .