LSCU Senior Vice President of Association Services and Governmental Affairs Jared Ross was chosen as a CU Times’ Trailblazer Below 40. The trade publication created the Trailblazer Below 40 program to recognize exceptional young credit union execs who are changing the direction of the credit union industry for the better.

In his current role, Ross said he has grown even more as a lobbyist.

“It’s an opportunity to make a difference,” the latest Trailblazer 40 Below said of what drew him to his career of choice. “I also think it’s more exciting to be on this side of it because elected officials have to deal with thousands of issues versus just one they are passionate about.”

As someone who hears “no” and “not right now” a lot, Ross has learned first-hand the value of patience and perseverance. He said credit unions can’t afford to give up after losing just one battle, or because they’ve become disheartened and don’t believe they are winning overall in Washington.

The key to making a difference, Ross said, lies in figuring out what makes each credit union important to its members and appointed officials’ constituents. He believes credit unions should go beyond talking about lower fees and higher returns on deposits, and instead share how they’ve made a difference in the communities they serve or helped members through their most difficult times.

“The true credit union story is how the industry exists to serve,” he said.

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