Attend the LSCU Technology Workshop on Oct. 7 in Orlando. BAE Systems (SilverSky) is sending its best experts to share knowledge on how to defend your credit union from cyber security attacks.

Cyber security attacks on financial institutions have become more frequent, sophisticated, and targeted. You can attribute this to the high value that criminals place on the personal and financial data that the industry stores and transmits. Even small and mid-sized credit unions are under attack. Consequently, the FFIEC has stepped up its focus on prevention, monitoring, testing, and resilience. Attend the workshop as the experts address these important issues in security:

  • Cyber Security Regulations: Understanding and prioritizing the latest FFIEC warnings and guidance
  • Email Protection: How to defend and secure your most critical threat vector
  • Network Vulnerability: Best practices for credit unions to design, implement, manage and maintain infrastructure security
  • Cyber Resilience: How to address deficiencies in policy and procedures to comply with guidelines for incident response

Visit the LSCU website to view the schedule, find out more information, and to register! Early bird pricing ends Sept. 22.