NCUA has proposed a number of dramatic changes to the Call Reports. LSCU would like your input in responding to a recent Request for Information where NCUA has asked the following questions:

  1. Are there account codes that are proposed to be retired that are still pertinent? If so, please provide the account code(s) and the reason for maintaining it.
  2. Are there additional account codes that should be retired or consolidated? If so, please provide the account code(s) and the reason for retiring it.
  3. Are relocated account codes grouped logically? If not, please propose a location you feel is more logically suited.
  4. Should any of the schedules be expanded to assist in analysis based on new rules or accounting changes? If so, please provide details of data the NCUA should also collect.
  5. Are the instructions adequate in both content and design? If not, please cite specific sections that require improvement or correction.
  6. How much lead time do credit unions need to work with vendors to make changes to their systems in order to support such changes to the Call Report?
  7. Are there any other operational issues the NCUA should be aware of prior to implementing the proposed changes?
  8. From your perspective, do you think this is a reduction in your reporting burden? Please explain.

To assist you in responding to these questions, NCUA has a page devoted to these changes that can accessed here.  LSCU will be giving away a $50 Visa gift card to the person who submits the most comprehensive response to these questions.  Please send your responses or any questions on this issue to Mike Lee at no later than March 23.