LSCU announces its support of Purple Heart Homes, a national public charity based in Statesville, N.C. The organization is committed to ensuring quality of life solutions for disabled American Veterans from all eras.

Credit unions participating in Operation Veteran Home Renovation will identify older veterans whose homes need ramps, grab bars, railings, a yard clean-up, or a fresh coat of paint. Credit unions will raise the funds for the projects, most of which can be completed by credit union staff and community volunteers in a day or two. The average cost of a project is $5,000.

Purple Heart Homes is working with the National Association of Home Builders to provide member building contractors who will volunteer their time to serve as “team captains” to help facilitate each veteran project working directly with participating credit unions.

The Operation Veteran Home Renovation campaign officially kicks off this week, and participating leagues and credit unions will have until Nov. 12 to complete a project or make a donation directly to Purple Heart Homes.

To learn more, contact Purple Heart Homes at 704-838-4044 or visit the website to request information.