Over the last several years, the LSCU & Affiliates has returned more than $1.4 million to credit unions through dues rebates and patronage dividends. This year’s dues rebate will be 5.6 percent, equivalent to $202,623.

“To be able to offer a dues rebate for the last five years in a row is not only a testament to our organization, but is evidence of the support from our Alabama and Florida credit unions,” LSCU & Affiliates President/CEO Patrick La Pine said. “The dues rebate is made possible partially because of operating efficiencies within the League, but is impacted heavily by credit unions affiliating with the League, participating in our educational offerings, and purchasing products and services though LEVERAGE and its business partners.”

“The League and LEVERAGE have a common goal, which is to facilitate the growth and success of our credit unions,” said LSCU/LEVERAGE Board Chairman Alvin J. Cowans, “AC,” who is also the President/CEO of McCoy Federal Credit Union in Orlando, FL. “I have a sincere appreciation for the League as it performs with great fiscal responsibility on every level, especially with credit unions’ dues dollars. Just as credit unions must perform with our members in mind, the LSCU operates in this same fashion.”

The dues rebate will be in the form of a paper check in April. A few restrictions apply:

  • Credit unions must have paid their dues in full by March 31.
  • Credit unions that were not affiliated in previous years are eligible to receive a dues rebate in 2017, but dues must be paid in full by March 31.
  •  Any credit union granted a dues waiver or reduction in 2016 is not