LEVERAGE LogoCredit unions are always looking for ways to enhance their engagement with members. Reward programs are a good way to offer more value to members, but they can be so much more than just a debit or credit card reward program. LEVERAGE Rewards is a valuable program that enhances member loyalty, increases transaction volume, and incentivizes employees. What makes LEVERAGE Rewards stand out is that it can be used on a variety of products and programs that a credit union offers members such as consumer loans, home equity loans, and online banking.

“Through research, we found that credit unions are looking for robust rewards programs,” said LEVERAGE CEO Patrick La Pine. “We set out to find a rewards program that was unique and offered a multitude of different scenarios. You can attach them to many different products, as well as to employee incentive programs.”

When a credit union signs on to LEVERAGE Rewards, they will receive a customizable platform to meet members’ needs. The program can easily link multiple accounts to an individual, along with family members, to help the credit union member earn points quicker. The program also offers a customizable website, marketing and performance consulting, and a dynamic suite of administration tools that makes running the program easy.

When it comes time to redeem the rewards, the member, or employee, has multiple options such as merchandise, travel, and gift cards.