LEVERAGE LogoA credit union’s website is a window into its business. A robust website is a prerequisite for today’s member. It’s the standard platform for credit unions to promote value and to provide 24/7/365 accessibility, as well as core values to current and potential members. You may not know that websites are subject to the same compliance requirements as printed marketing materials.

Credit Union Audit & Compliance Group (CUACG) offers a website compliance audit to help credit unions stay compliant online. These new audits are completed remotely so there is no need to reserve a conference room or office for one of our staff auditors. Here’s what CUACG will address during this audit:

  • Savings and loan rate pages — including payment calculators
  • Information security
  • Website policies and disclosures
  • Third-party links to external services
  • Advertising compliance

More credit unions are reporting that the NCUA is looking closely at websites during on-site exams, so keep CUACG in mind for online compliance assistance. CUACG auditors also perform core credit union on-site audit procedures such as supervisory committee audit, BSA security review, interim audit, ACH audit, opinion audit, and verification of member accounts.
For more information on our new website compliance audit, contact a LEVERAGE Business Development Consultant.