During the last six months, there has been much debate regarding repeal and replacement of Obamacare and the rising cost of healthcare and other employee benefits. Last year, the LSCU & Affiliates held a breakout session at SCUCE where this very issue was discussed at length. Coming out of that breakout,  I promised attendees that the LSCU & Affiliates would take the lead in exploring various options to lower the cost of healthcare and employee benefits for Alabama and Florida credit unions. This past week, LEVERAGE announced a solution that offers an alternative, giving credit unions the advantage of collaborative buying power for healthcare and other employee benefits.

LEVERAGE has partnered with the Salus Group, an experienced benefits consultant, to create LEVERAGE Benefits Group. This joint venture will offer LSCU affiliated credit unions, as well as CUSOs and other system partners, comprehensive and competitive employee benefit programs at affordable prices. The foundation of this initiative is bringing credit unions (and their employees) together to create scale to increase buying power in the healthcare and employee benefit marketplace. The more credit unions we have on the program, the greater the cost savings.

You can expect LEVERAGE Benefits Group to offer comprehensive coverage, exceptional customer service, and state-of–the-art technology. This unique partnership with the Salus Group brings to the table professionals who understand the credit unions. The Salus Group has a proven track record of success working with credit unions in other states we are excited to be partnering with them to offer the same superior products and customer services to credit unions in the Southeast.

This solution is a great example of what the League and credit unions can achieve through collaboration to rise all boats. More information on these products can be found by reaching out to our LEVERAGE staff member, or by emailing consult@myleverage.com