Credit unions across the country have been threatened with predatory litigation from certain plaintiffs’ law firms seeking to profit from ambiguities in requirements for website accessibility under the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). While the ADA is important and necessary for the well-being of those protected by it, plaintiffs’ lawyers are exploiting compliance ambiguities to the detriment of all credit unions members.

In an effort led by Wisconsin’s Attorney General Brad Schimel, a letter was sent to U.S. Attorney General Jeff Sessions regarding the issue and was signed by multiple attorneys general, including Pamela Bondi of Florida. The letter requests that the U.S. Department of Justice draft regulations pertaining to web accessibility, providing clear guidance that is lacking.

“The void in the law has led to unnecessary lawsuits in an effort to exploit the law’s ambiguity for financial gain with little or no corresponding benefit to consumers,” the letter states.

See the full letter here.