It is difficult to imagine getting back to any sense of normalcy for our credit unions that were impacted so significantly by Hurricane Michael and other recent major storms. Thankfully, these credit unions have exhibited incredible resiliency and have overcome unbelievable obstacles to meet their membership’s needs. Many thanks to everyone of you who has contributed to the recovery of our credit union family in the wake of this crisis.

We realized early on that there were many lessons learned after this disaster that all of our credit unions could benefit from. The LSCU began working with the NCUA to plan a webinar for Nov. 26 to help identify economic and financial trends after a major storm, best practices to prepare for disaster, and what to expect from the regulators in a post- storm setting. In this week’s webinar, we had 59 participants from seven states and the response has been unanimous that the information was extremely beneficial.

Some common themes throughout the webinar ranged from “expect the unexpected” to “keep communication open with your members” and “test your disaster plan robustly and update it every year.”

The recording was made available to affiliated members of LSCU.