As branch traffic declines and the popularity of digital banking grows, it seems harder than ever to know what your members want, says Amy Robertson, senior manager of payment and lending security with CUNA Mutual Group.

Fortunately, the data your members generate is a road map to meeting their expectations.

Robertson offers three insights on how to use data to improve marketing results, enhance the member experience, and grow loans:

1. Segment. Understand what drives particular members. Are they values driven? Are they family driven? Develop persona groups from indicators in their data.

2. Anticipate. Create a journey map. Identify the stages and sources of information members use to make decisions. Determine what themes and feelings members have at each stage.

3. Test. Have a question. Document your assumptions. Have the right analysts. Identify your measures. And embrace failure.

Robertson addressed the 2018 America’s Credit Union Conference in Boston, MA.