You can make a personal impact on a lawmaker by attending the LSCU’s 2019 Florida Advocacy Conference, March 26-27  in Tallahassee, FL..  The conference feature time to interact with lawmakers, updates on legislative and regulatory issues, and speakers.

Credit union professionals in Florida are speaking up about why it’s important to attend annually.

“The state advocacy conference is one of the most important events of the year for Florida credit unions, and one I’m not willing to miss,” said Brent Lister, CEO of First Florida Credit Union. “As leaders in our industry, it is incumbent upon us to show up in Tallahassee and share our story on behalf of the members we serve. Grassroots efforts are the key to our legislative success, and the advocacy conference is a great way spread our message on a larger scale while building lasting relationships with policymakers.”

Visiting your lawmakers with fellow credit union leaders leaves a strong impression on legislators, making credit unions top-of-mind in Florida. Reserve your spot today.