“Insert skimmers” are becoming an ever-growing threat to credit unions, and the technology in these devices is keeping pace with changing times. The ultra-thin fraud devices are made to fit snugly and invisibly inside a cash machine’s card acceptance slot.

“New evidence suggests that at least some of these insert skimmers — which record card data and store it on a tiny embedded flash drive  — are equipped with technology allowing them to transmit stolen card data wirelessly via infrared, the same communications technology that powers a TV remote control,” according to KrebsOnSecurity.

In one alleged instance, skimmers used the hidden device to record time-stamped videos of ATM users entering their PINs and to receive card data recorded and transmitted by the insert skimmer.

Skimming attack criminals hide spy cameras in clever places, such as a brochure rack near the ATM or a safety mirror above the cash machine Read the full article here.