The LSCU Cooperative Image Campaign, one of the most successful cooperative advertising campaigns ever presented by a League, has launched a new campaign under its “Better Name for Banking” umbrella. This time, a group of goats — presumed to be helpful, but destructive instead — will take center stage to bring home the message that the best way to save money is not by cutting back your lawn service dollars but by joining a credit union.
Since the first wave of ads in 2011, Alabama and Florida credit unions have added 710,000 new members and more than $14 billion in new assets. The campaign is run by the League and a task force made up of credit union CEOs and marketing professionals. TV, radio, online, social media, and public relations were the main components of the campaign, which has run for a total of four waves, 2011- 2015. The fifth wave kicked off last week.
The campaign is amusing for all demographics, but specifically targets Gen X while raising awareness of credit unions in Alabama and Florida. Research shows that Gen X is the largest population in both states that aren’t members of credit unions. And the majority of consumers don’t know they can join a credit union. It’s time to change that.
The 2016 campaign is now live across 13 media markets between the two states. Consumers will see ads in various media, depending on the money raised in each media market. You can view the latest video on LSCU’s YouTube.