LSCU Cooperative Image Campaign recently released the latest ad in one of the most successful cooperative advertising campaigns ever presented by a League under its “Better Name for Banking” label. But the interesting news is the reach the comic videos have had, as evidenced by a video produced by a credit union in County Cork, Ireland.

After the “Wedding Photographer” ad began logging views, the Image Campaign task force was contacted in early 2016 by Fermoy Credit Union to request use of the concept of an inept relative snapping terrible wedding photos. Just recently, the ad from across the pond was released, illustrating an equally fun look at ways consumers should NOT try to save money, when credit unions can save them a tidy sum. View the spot on Fermoy CU’s YouTube.

The shareable content ads, including “The Kids Petting Zoo,”  ”Slap Fight,” “Wedding Photographer,” and “Finding Money,” continue to rack up views through the various social media channels and online. Participants of the campaign continue to share the ads through their social media to some extent, and we continue to encourage everyone to make it a routine during the week to utilize one or more of the campaign elements whether it is an ad, a web banner, or one of the social media cover images.

You can view our video on LSCU’s YouTube.