The media buys for the 2015 Cooperative Image Campaign will be tapering down toward the end of November. Even though the campaign is nearing the end, the YouTube views of the shareable content ads continue to be strong. There have been close to 1.3 million views of the three “shareable content ads.” This is more than three times the YouTube views that the campaign saw last year. The Petting Zoo ad, by itself, is around 15,000 from one million views. The League is still seeing good interaction on the ads that are shared through Facebook.

The League is currently working with the Southeastern Institute of Research (SIR), the third-party research firm it has used from the start, to ensure the survey questions are still on-point. Since the campaign media buys will end around Thanksgiving, the post-campaign survey will go out the first part of December. Once the research is completed and the results are received, the League will schedule a presentation for each area to go through the them.

Even though the purchased media buys are coming to an end, participating credit unions are encouraged to keep the campaign going by utilizing the campaign elements found on the Image Campaign Resources webpage. This campaign can continue as long as credit unions continue to share it among their members.

If you have any questions about the campaign or need access to the resources page, contact Mike Bridges or Amy Jowers.