Petting zoo

When the League introduced the idea of “shareable content” ads for the 2015 campaign, the idea was to create online ads that resonated with consumers, while also offering credit unions much needed content for their social and communications channels. That has been a rousing success through the first two weeks of the campaign. The ads have been seen more than 266,000 times in just 14 days on YouTube. The “Kids Petting Zoo” is the most popular ad right now.

To put this into perspective, the TV ads were used on YouTube last year and received about 490,000 views in eight to 10 weeks. The new “shareable ads” are a humorous look at how people try to save money on the important things in life. They shouldn’t. They should just join a credit union and enjoy the important things in life.

The League has been hearing from people who have seen the ads show up on their Facebook timeline or their online surfing. They have also heard from people that have seen the ads on morning TV in Mobile and Birmingham, heard them on the radio in Birmingham, and seen a billboard in Orlando. If you have seen or heard the ad, let the League know.

If your credit union contributed to the campaign, be sure to check out the LSCU Cooperative Image Campaign Resource webpage. It has the TV and “shareable content” ads, radio ads, logos, web banners, and suggested social media posts. If you have any problems accessing any resources, contact LSCU VP of Communications Mike Bridges or Director of Communications Amy Jowers.