Be assured, if you are not telling your story of why you are the best financial services option for your community, someone else is telling theirs. If marketing dollars are hard for your credit union to come by, then this is the solution for you. From a la carte to full court press, TwoScore offers marketing campaign strategy, execution and measurement, while Gira{ph} provides graphic design and collateral in the art and design of credit union marketing. One of the many strengths Gira{ph} brings to the table is “phormula,” an easy to use, affordable, flexible content management system that makes it simple for credit unions to update content and make the most of the web experience for members

Here is a look at client results when implementing these marketing plans:

  • 30.9 percent auto loan growth for a $44 million CU
  • 32.65 percent growth of total loans in the first six months for a $53 million CU
  • 385.13 percent achievement of annual mortgage goal by a $26 million CU
  • 23.91 percent growth of total loan portfolio by a $27 million CU
  • 450 percent ROI in first year of auto loan promotion for a $19 million CU

Preview this short video on how to grow your credit union or for more information, contact or click here.