Last year, the LSCU organized a number of outreach efforts in the aftermath of Hurricane Michael. We learned that preparation is vital to recovering from such an event and few members are fully equipped to deal with this type of disaster. We believe we can offer a credit union platform that will assist members with crisis preparedness and provide a safe and secure place to store critical member documents.

You are invited to attend an informational webinar to review a platform LEVERAGE is considering in conjunction with Virtual StrongBox, a leading provider of online secure storage and document sharing. This platform provides checklists and other helpful tools to help members prepare for disaster and secure critical documents such as insurance policies, drivers’ licenses, social security numbers, medical records, prescription information, important contacts and photos.

Your time and feedback are critical to the success in the development of this platform.

Access instructions to register for the webinar are below as is a link to our test site where you can review the platform:

Click here to learn more about LEVERAGE and how it’s products can serve you.