You may have seen ads at your local gas station for credit unions. That’s because Gas Station TV (GSTV) is a proven way to let your community know about the services credit unions provide. GSTV grants the flexibility needed to drive the most value possible through customizable, localizable ad campaigns. It delivers the hard-to-reach, on-the-go consumer with a one-on-one exposure to your ad.

Based on a recent study, GSTV lifts key metrics for credit union products and membership:

  • 66 percent of viewers consider joining a credit union
  • Viewers are 11 percent more likely to acquire a new checking or savings account
  • 78 percent likelihood to use a credit card for gas
  • 21 percent more likely to acquire a mortgage or refinanced within 12 months

Advertisers have a captive audience at the gas station with 88 percent of that audience reporting that they enjoy watching GSTV. Research shows that GSTV delivers twice the ad recall of traditional media. GSTV has more unique viewers than Netflix and reaches more millennials than Snapchat. What’s more, 41 percent of GSTV viewers are millennials – that’s a 26 percent greater reach than TV.

GSTV gives you access to audiences that are near your targeted branches. Localize your buys to the gas station across the street or create a campaign to broadcast across the state. You can even leverage your GSTV media buy to boost the performance of your own products such as new branch openings, auto loans, home loans, events and more!

Running a GSTV promo is an extremely cost-effective way to drive local awareness. As a credit union, you also enjoy a 30 percent exclusive discount from GSTV.

If you are interested in learning more about GSTV, please contact your league representative or our national sales consultant Shana Sistek at or 734.377.4336 to schedule a customized webinar.